About Cassette Club Vintage

Cassette Club Vintage started as a shared passion between a nostalgic Kiwi lad (Josh) and a British lass (Aarti) in 2020 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. 

While it started as something to do while walking the streets of the West Midlands, thrift-shopping quickly became a shared interest, then a bit of an obsession between us, finding new and unique items that needed a new lease on life.

Now that we are back home in Aotearoa, the zest for vintage has grown and we wanna share it with you!

We are based in Invercargill (The thumping heartbeat of New Zealand), we are work our tails off to provide Vintage and Streetwear to the good people of New Zealand.

Combining old and new styles, we want you to feel yourself and look damn fine in the process, the same way we do each and every time we find a new piece we love!