We like to keep as open and transparent as is possible without getting done for indecent exposure.... So here's a few quick answers to some FAQs to get you sorted.

(If these don't help, don't be a stranger, fire through an email).


Where are you based?

The mighty Invercargill, New Zealand. 

Where do you ship?

We courier the goods all across New Zealand. Unfortunately for our international friends, we don't have the means to ship overseas just yet. 

How long does shipping take?

Dependent on where you are in the country, shipping is generally estimated at 2 to 4 business days.

How do I know the condition of my clothes

We try to capture as true an image of the product as possible through our photos, but as vintage comes in all shapes, sizes and conditions, it pays to be sure.

To make the buying process easier we have a condition rating scale:

  • 5/5: Deadstock (brand new with tags) or showing little to no signs of wear
  • 4/5: Mint condition. Has been worn, but is showing minimal wear, cracking or discolouring.
  • 3/5: Solid condition. Shows signs of wear (cracking in the prints, a loose thread here or there, etc.) but still in good, solid, wearable condition. 
  • 2/5: Well loved. There might be a wayward stain, rip or tear here or there, but still goes hard.
  • 1/5: Thrashed.

What is your returns policy?

All sales are final, sold as-is, where-is, so choose wisely.... Measurements are provided for fit, and pictures and the condition scale are there for more information about the state of the product. 

We won't accept returns for change of mind, sizing issues or anything of that nature. 

(But we aren't going to be dicks about it. If the product arrives in unfit shape for wear, or there are some other exceptional circumstances, please get in contact with us.)